The Future Belongs to You

The Future Belongs to You - Diners Club

I hope all of you enjoyed Eduardo’s blog about believing in the idea of possibilities, the possibility of ideas, and belief in the future of Diners Club International and belonging to the Club.

When I think about the future of our industry, I am very optimistic. In my role, I talk to business leaders around the world. There are challenges, to be sure. But there are also many, many opportunities. When I look at all of the innovation going on within our organizations and in the world around us, I feel confident that Diners Club International, along with Discover Financial Services, will be at the forefront of the emerging ideas and possibilities that will help us all achieve a bright future.

An example of that innovation is our agreement with PayPal to bring the more than 50 million U.S. PayPal account holders to the physical point of sale in the United States. We believe this model could also have international possibilities as well – imagine PayPal accounts around the world funded by the cardmembers’ Diners Club accounts, being used at merchants around the world that in many cases were acquired by a Diners Club International franchise. There are other exciting opportunities that we are exploring that also have international possibilities, much like our partnership with PayPal.

Overall, our vision is to provide value to our business partners around the world by leveraging our infrastructure and seeking non-traditional partnerships in the payments industry. When you benefit, Discover and Diners Club International also benefit, and we intend to continue that trend into the future.

So if you are looking to belong and partner with a different kind of company, I invite you to reach out to Eduardo and his team. I believe the future belongs to the most innovative and progressive companies in the payments industry, and I consider Diners Club International franchises to be among the most innovative companies in the industry. So the future belongs to YOU, and together, we can make the most of new opportunities, bring new ideas to the industry and create a world of new possibilities—all of which will lead to a brighter financial future, for us and for our customers.