Social Makes Sense: Not Just a Company, It’s a Club

Diners Club is not just a Company, It’s a Club

We are a global brand with local champions. Together, we cater to a select community of club members. Diners Club is not just a company, it’s a club. That means we must strive to create relationships that go beyond card transactions for those who belong.

Our BELONG global adverting campaign is about embracing our heritage and celebrating the life journey of our cardmembers. We believe this celebration begins with a focus not on what money can buy, but on what money can do. People in a club may come from different cultures, have unique histories, and harbor different perspectives. Yet together, they are all joined by a common interest or goal. Platforms like this blog invite a community to share its thoughts about believing in the possibilities of our future and belonging to Diners Club.

The digital and social media landscape has opened up endless ways to connect with cardmembers and our own global franchisee network. At Diners Club International (DCI), we started rolling out initiatives this year that help to heighten the presence of Diners Club and the Belong campaign on the social scene. Under the leadership of our new DCI president, Eduardo Tobon, our presence in social media and other forms of cardmember and merchant engagement will accelerate and continue to be a priority.

We started off as a club. After all, it’s in our name. An idea that helped people come together and join hands over a nice meal. So, let’s get back to our roots and familiarize ourselves with what clubs do.Clubs are voluntary. But a great club is magnetic. It shrinks the space between people and enables them to come together through a celebration of shared experiences. It facilitates not only a dialogue, but also deeper knowledge and growth. It becomes a badge worn not just on the sleeve, but embroidered in one’s heart.

We have proudly worn this badge since 1950, and it’s a badge worth sharing…and posting, and linking and even tweeting…

Be sure to join us on our other Diners Club Social channels at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube for all the latest news, event and clubmembers updates. Also, don’t forget to download the Diners Club Travel Tools App, which gives you on-the-go access to airport lounge locations. Let your journey begin and ignite your wanderlust for life. Explore. Embark. Belong.


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