Leading Diners Club Australia: Three Years in a Heart Beat

Many years ago my father gave me a wallet from Arizona with a sample paper Diners Club® card inside it. To this day I’ve kept that wallet close to me. Who would have thought years on I would be running the Australian Diners Club Franchise!

It’s now been three years since I took over the business. At the time it was a business in need of stewardship, planning and care. What transpired were some of the hardest and most rewarding years of my career and together we had the opportunity to achieve enormous success. It’s a three year journey I am immensely proud of.

This year our efforts culminated in the launch of our global ‘campaign; BELONG, including a powerful commercial that captured the very essence of who we are, who our customers are and how far we’ve come together. Seeing that commercial, and all it represented, was one of my proudest moments of my career to date.

In fact, the last twelve months have seen us achieve three of the biggest outcomes in the history of Diners Club Australia. These have included:

♦  Launch of our companion card,

♦  Being selected as the exclusive provider of travel cards to the Australian Government and

♦  Launching the BELONG campaign

Today, we have a business that people are incredibly excited about.

We have a wonderful team who display a passion that I haven’t seen in any other business I have ever worked in. Companies seem to spend so much time trying to re-build processes to focus on customer centricity yet, at Diners Club – it simply exists.

The future is bright. I look forward to sharing it with you.