Diners Club Ecuador – The Time Machine

Perhaps the best business tool for any entrepreneur to have would be “a time machine.” It would serve as an infallible tool to generate the best and most important businesses. The function would be very simple: Go into the future, see product developments and market changes, then go back in time and be the first to implement them. Becoming a pioneer of all major issues and always proposing the most innovative ideas.

Although today it would seem impossible to imagine, in 1973, Ecuador had never presented a live concert by an international artist, or had never conducted an opera performance by one of the great masters, Jose Carrera. Nor did BTL agencies exist where models are hired to host and receive guests at exclusive events of a brand name product, and not to mention, a company would had never bothered to hand out custom tickets printed for each person.

It’s almost ridiculous to think that just a few years ago such basic components of today’s time did not exist.

In the beginning, Diners Club Ecuador was that “time machine”: The vision of the future, the curiosity to explore global trends, a committed management team, and an entire country finally being discovered by the world. Not only were we the first company to bring international artists and implement concepts of personalization, but we were also the first credit card company that took a chance on the full development of the culture. Our success was reflected in a strong reputation as a leader and promoter of culture and entertainment in Ecuador.

Forty years later, in a globalized and interconnected world, where having “time machines” is becoming increasingly difficult, Diners Club Ecuador is betting on a great vision, to remain the industry’s top competitor in an increasingly competitive market. With the effort and dedication our team, we will continue to surprise our partners with innovations and excellent results.

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