Diners Club Turns 45 in Peru

Diners Club Peru Celebrates its 45th Anniversary

This year, Diners Club Peru celebrates its 45th anniversary. As we all know, Diners Club was the first credit card in the world and it was also the first credit card in Peru.

Two years ago, the same shareholders that control Diners Club Ecuador purchased the business in Peru. Since then, the company’s results started an extraordinary turnover. We earned an award for being the most improved franchise of the Americas in 2011. Our business showed double-digit growth in market, and was among the top franchises in overall growth, with more than 60% growth year-over-year in 2012.

We have combined the original approach of being a boutique credit card with extraordinary customer service, an aggressive commercial approach, new product development, expansion of network coverage (near 100%) and the development of close merchant relationships. We have doubled our cards in force and doubled our annual total volume in less than two years.

The boutique approach is unique to this market, where banks and big retailers typically issue all competing credit cards. We are the only company in the country that is solely focused on credit cards. This is how we commit to generating a unique approach to our clubmember by providing them with dedicated relationship managers providing personal service. On the merchant side, the advantages of being the sole acquirer and issuer of a brand are big, we can maintain a close relationship that covers the full business cycle: from merchant affiliation to effective promotional activity with our client base.

January 2013 has started off on the right foot. Volume is currently 60% higher than volume of the same month of previous year. New products developed in 2011, and introduced in 2012, represent more than 30% of total volume for January 2013.
We certainly have aggressive plans for 2013.

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