Life of Pi Goes to the Ceremony


“And the winner is…”

The world is waiting for that sentence at the 85th Academy Awards. This time the whole of Austria is particularly excited. Michael Haneke’s “Amour” is nominated for five Academy Awards. A very big thing for a small country like ours. But as Michael Haneke and Christoph Waltz have already demonstrated – if you believe, dreams can come true. Not just in Hollywood.

That’s a theme that they share with Diners Club and the big favorite – Life of Pi which has received 11 nominations. So I find myself in a difficult situation. Should I believe in Michael Haneke’s “Amour”, a top prize-winner at Cannes and the European Film Awards, or in Ang Lee’s mystical fable “Life of Pi”, presented by Diners Club?

Since you always have to believe in love, and you always want to belong to Diners Club, I have decided that there is no need to make a choice. Both are wonderful, inspiring films.

But as the Academy Awards race has started I am wondering what your personal favorites are?

  Whoever wins the race – as long as you believe, you will belong!