Diners Club® Inspires Award Winning Storytelling

From left to right: Ruby Wax, Janice Alfini, Ze Pedro Abreu, and Mike Boush.

Above photo: Ruby Wax, Janice Alfini, Ze Pedro Abreu, and Mike Boush

At the MOFILM Barcelona 2013 Film Festival, Diners Club International® challenged filmmakers to unearth the most interesting and inspiring stories about clubs. The response was a collection of wonderful films capturing unique communities of people from around the world.

I was honored to award prizes to the top entries in this artistic endeavor. In determining which films would qualify for the top prizes, we focused our analysis on three main components. First, the film had to capture a good story well told. Next, the film needed to bring out likable characters. Lastly, the film needed to showcase not just belonging to a club, but the celebration of belonging.

Our goal of selecting a first-place winner from the group of entrants proved to be such a difficult task, we decided to award two first-place prizes.

It gives me great pleasure to post the winners of the Diners Club International “It’s Good to Belong” film brief in alliance with MOFILM Barcelona 2013.

First Place

♦  Chapman’s Book Club, from Ze Pedro Abreu, Portugal
♦  The Scrabble Club, from Siddharth Seth, U.A.E.

Second Place

♦  The East German Ladies Swim Team, from Chris Goulder, UK

Third Place

♦  The Breakfast Club, from Pete Williams, UK

Fourth Place

♦  Be Together, from Sara Galvão, UK

Fifth Place

♦  Dancing Through Life, from Jared Januschka, USA

On top of this thrilling announcement is the fact that our first-place winner, Chapman’s Book Club, succeeded in winning Grand Prize at the festival!

On behalf of Diners Club International, I would like to congratulate all the filmmakers that participated. We are especially proud of those who took the time to tell a story about belonging.

Chapman’s Book Club – Ze Pedro Abreu, First Place Winner


The Scrabble Club – Siddharth Seth, First Place Winner


The East German Ladies Swim Team – Chris Goulder, Second Place Winner


The Breakfast Club – Pete Williams, Third Place Winner


Be Together – Sara Galvão, Fourth Place Winner


Dancing Through Life – Jared Januschka, Fifth Place Winner

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