Diners Club IOPC Meetings Foster Growth and Innovation

Diners Club (IOPC) Team in San Diego, California

The Diners Club International Operations Policy Committee (“IOPC”) supports the development of network operating regulations and various network infrastructure initiatives. The group consists of ten network participant representatives as well Operations and Systems team members representing Diners Club International headquarters. Two in-person meetings are held per year, in the early spring and autumn, and are supplemented by several teleconferences throughout the year. Participant representatives are actively engaged, whether by discussion of proposals or the identification of solutions to foster growth and innovation. While the committee serves in an advisory capacity, it is built on a foundation of collaboration and trust, with members working together to create optimal solutions creating win/win’s for all involved.

During its most recent meeting held in San Diego, California, agenda topics included a review of proposed modifications to operating regulations. Presentations included topics ranging from social media and new participant product, to training offerings and data quality. Working sessions focused on operational and growth strategies. Throughout the course of the week, the group brought its motto to life: “When collaboration produces international inspiration, you BELONG.”

Here’s what franchise representatives have to say about the IOPC:

“The IOPC brings innovation to the table on Diners Club International’s policy, process and systems. It keeps international views upfront allowing for sharing of issues, experience as well as industry and regional trends.”

“I think it’s wonderful the way this committee works together to achieve a great outcome, not for our individual businesses but for the entire network.”

“This committee is generating value to all the franchises and improving the industry´s practices.”

“This is the real exchange of knowhow from all over the world with the benefit to the entire DC Network.”

“The IOPC is an opportunity for Participants to provide ‘on the ground’ intelligence and market practice.

Although the IOPC is an advisory committee, the way in which each Participant is allowed to express views and how consensus is achieved shows the Participant’s/DCI’s desire to do what is right for the Network.”