From Cardmember to Clubmember – You BELONG

The World is our Club: Diners Club

From the very beginning, Diners Club International® was just that – a club. An association of like-minded people who found benefits, rational and emotional, in joining together for at least part of their journey through life. The rational benefits aggregated from sharing resources and knowledge. The emotional benefits came from our deep-rooted need to belong to something bigger than just ourselves.

♦   None of this has changed.

♦   We still find value in pooling our resources.

♦   We still feel the need to belong.

What has changed, and dramatically, is technology. We can now enjoy the rational and emotional benefits of belonging on a global scale. Connecting with those who are like-minded is easier than it ever has been before. The world is our club. And all of the people who live here, all of them, are potential clubmembers.

We have only to look at the films on YouTube, the postings on Facebook or the messages on Twitter to see that sharing and belonging are the two human behaviors that are top of mind and at the tip of our fingers.

And it is serendipitous that they are woven into the fabric of our brand. “Club” is our middle name. “Club” is in our DNA. “Club” is an asset* that has catapulted Diners Club from one member, the company’s founder Frank McNamara back in 1950, to millions around the world today.

*If you jump to minute 9:38 in this embedded video, you will see that we have been talking about this subject of “club as an asset” for a while.

So recently, we made a small change at Diners Club that, we think, will make a big difference. We began referring to our cardmembers as clubmembers. And while on the surface, that kind of change may seem more semantic than substantial, it actually leverages an existing brand attribute in a powerful and timely way.

Being a cardmember describes what someone is. Being a clubmember describes who someone is.

And the difference is rich and rewarding.