Chef of a Lifetime: Alain Ducasse

True to the rumors, Paris in the springtime is nothing less than spectacular. But Paris increased its brilliance quotient when, just a few weeks ago, the culinary world paid tribute to one of its greatest: renowned chef Alain Ducasse. Ducasse received a Lifetime Achievement Award sponsored by Diners Club International®. The award, which I had the great honor of presenting on March 28 to this culinary master, is a testament to Ducasse’s individual career success and wider influence.

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants points out that “Ducasse and his team have nurtured and trained a generation of chefs, many of whom are now also part of the world’s culinary élite.” It is on this future generation that Ducasse has turned his attention, and another reason for this great honor he’s received.

Eduardo Tobon with Chef Alain Ducasse

Alain Ducasse receives the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Lifetime Achievement Award from Diners Club International President Eduardo Tobon on March 28, 2013 at Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenée in Paris. Image: ©Pierre Monetta

Selected by the Diners Club® World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy, a 936-strong international voting panel comprised of industry experts, Ducasse continues on his unstoppable journey to culinary immortality which first began at the young age of 33. Back then, he was awarded three Michelin stars for his 33-month old Le Louis XV at the Hôtel de Paris in Monaco.

The staff at the World’s 50 Best Restaurants has tallied up some impressive numbers he has achieved since his first big success:

♦   24 individual restaurants in nine countries across three continents

♦   Three separate three-Michelin-star restaurants in three cities

♦   25 years of the aforementioned flagship Louis XV restaurant

♦   Multiple appearances on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list

♦   A career spanning over 30 years

The Lifetime Achievement Award was the first celebration this year ahead of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards 2013, announced on April 29 at historic Guildhall in London.

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We toast the next field of exemplary chefs as they strive to make their own history, inspired by the likes of Alain Ducasse!