Dining: That’s What We’re Talking About in June

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As the summer begins to heat up in the northern hemisphere, we turn our attention to remarkable dining establishments and tips from those in-the-know. Look to us at Diners Club International® to give you an insider’s map to where – and how – you can whet your appetite by following our conversations in BelieveBelong.com, and in our Facebook and Twitter pages during the month of June.

Here is a sneak preview of what’s in store:

♦  Insider tips on top places to enjoy a fine meal at various travel destinations, including some of the busiest airports around the world

♦  World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013 highlights, including exclusive interviews with world-class chefs and restaurateurs, and a glimpse into this year’s top restaurants

♦  Global events and festivals

♦  Diners Club Airport Lounge highlights and Special Offers

For instance, did you know that while wandering the streets of Spitalfields in London, you can take a break and enjoy the menu at a place called The Breakfast Club? For some added adventure, check out our video for an insider’s tip on a secret watering hole that exists inside:

What are some of your insider tips on the best places you’ve dined? Please share them with your fellow Diners Club Clubmembers here in the comments space, on our Diners Club International Facebook page and, if you’re active in Twitter, include the text “@DinersClub” when tweeting your tip. After all, the best tips come from those in the know.