Kiki’s Bistro: An Authentic French Experience in the Heart of Chicago

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All things culinary are deeply-rooted in the history of Diners Club International®. We are excited to bring you tips and trends on unique dining experiences through the pages of our blog, Take a peek into a traditional French experience, right in the heart of Chicago, with our latest blogpost from Draft FCB’s executive vice president, writer-in-residence, and overall foodie, John Claxton.

The word that best describes Kiki’s, is the word that you may never hear spoken there. Authentic.

Pick any item off the menu. Or pick just one. Navarin d’Agneau Printanier. The lamb stew. Tender lamb with potatoes, carrots, green beans and turnips in a rich, aromatic sauce. It may take you back to a fond memory of a meal at a small restaurant in Nice. A table for two. Seaside. Sun setting over the ocean. And lamb stew. Same taste, different continent.

The same holds true for the Magret de Canard and the award-winning Coq au Vin. The dishes served at this charming bistro at 900 North Franklin in Chicago are French cuisine in the true meaning of the phrase. They are, in a word, authentic. Something that the real thing doesn’t need to tout. Authenticity never needs to be claimed. It’s simply recognized.

And if you order the Escargots de Bourgogne or the Moules Marinière, traditional dishes that are the measure of any fine French restaurant, you can judge for yourself.

The wait staff is professional but not pretentious. They’ll know to leave the bread for dipping in the Moules Marinière broth and the lamb stew sauce. It’s the little things, the fine details that keep the culture at Kiki’s focused on enjoying food in the comfort of friends. The ambience is a little bit Left Bank. And the crowd is grownup and gregarious. They come to Kiki’s to be served, not to be seen.

And maybe that’s the best thing about a restaurant, like Kiki’s, that serves authentic food. It attracts authentic people.