Gastón Acurio Talks Global Dining Trends

“Chefs used to believe that our world ended in the restaurant. The reality is that the world starts in the restaurant.” With this statement, Chef Gastón Acurio kicked off his commentary on how the global community of chefs has evolved during an interview with Diners Club International® President Eduardo Tobon just ahead of the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants awards.

Acurio’s flagship restaurant, Astrid y Gastón, was crowned with first place on this esteemed culinary “who’s who” list the evening of September 4 in Lima. Earlier that day, Acurio joined us for an intimate cocktail reception to celebrate his Diners Club® Lifetime Achievement Award.

Both Peruvian food blogger Maria Elena Cornejo, who writes Mucho Gusto Perú, and Tobon had the chance to interview the chef in front of guests. Acurio candidly shared his insights into global dining trends, the important influence of Peruvian cuisine, and his sources of inspiration for the many activities in which he is engaged around the world – both in the kitchen and beyond.

A few quotes below give you a flavor of his inspirational outlook and comments on the importance of food and dining – including for inspiring economic and social development. But to fully benefit from Acurio’s immense talent and knowledge, please enjoy and share the video interviews below:

Eduardo Tobon interviews chef Gastón Acurio
Diners Club® Lifetime Achievement Award Reception at Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013

On how the global community of chefs has evolved:

“[The community of chefs] realized that we had in cooking a huge opportunity to do many more things than just cooking just inside the restaurant. That we could touch, in a positive way, education, nutrition, industry, promotion of our country in the world, agriculture, commerce, a lot of things…. We started working together.”

On what inspired Mistura, Peru’s largest gastronomic and cultural festival:

“The [first] dream was to use our food culture to bring honor and pride to our people… And the second one is to bring economic opportunities, promoting our country in the world with this part of our culture, which is cooking. Promoting our ingredients, our products, our concepts and sending the world a message that we are not only a country of commodities. We are a country that creates things. And this message expanded all over Latin America. And right now, the communities of chefs all over Latin America are working together for that purpose, for their cultures, because we are a region with a lot of magical stories to share with the world.”

Maria Elena Cornejo interviews Chef Gastón Acurio
Diners Club® Lifetime Achievement Award Reception at Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013