A Global Selection of the World’s Best Restaurants

The Global Selection hones in on Canada and the mid-section of the United States

The Diners Club® World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy – Global Selection takes us on a gastronomic trip each month to a different region in the world. In partnership with The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, we shine a spotlight on destination restaurants and share international dining tips from those “in-the-know.”

This month, the Global Selection hones in on Canada and the mid-section of the United States. Let’s zoom in to this region and take a closer look at who made it on the list:

Next (Chicago, U.S.), which features “avant-garde fine-dining” and a standout dish of pheasant smoked in hay with roasted vegetables and a gelled blanquette sauce.
Underbelly (Houston, U.S.), fusing the city’s diverse ethnic food cultures with locally sourced produce. One result? Korean braised goat and dumplings.
The Publican (Chicago, U.S.), where “stunning ingredients are treated with respect at this “take on a German beer hall.”
Au Pied de Cochon (Montreal, Canada), with food influenced by Quebec’s rustic cooking traditions and staff artwork adorning the walls.
Liverpool House (Montreal, Canada), a laid-back bistro that features meat dishes and fresh seafood.
Model Milk (Calgary, Canada), whose hearty standout dish is pork tenderloin wrapped in sausage and bacon and smoked over a barbecue.
Park Restaurant (Montreal, Canada), where East meets West through modern Japanese-style food.
Raku (Las Vegas, U.S.), which uses an authentic robata grill, fueled by imported oak binchotan charcoal, to sear food made in modern Japanese style.

How Are the Restaurants Selected?

The Global Selection is made from the votes of The Diners Club World’s 50 Best Restaurant Academy in the 2013 voting rounds. While these restaurants did not make The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2013, they do represent some of the best dining experiences voted for by the global industry experts comprising the academy.

Please click through to this month’s region to learn insider tips about these remarkable restaurants, the chefs creating the magic behind the scenes, standout dishes, and details on how to get there!

Next month: Stay tuned for global selections from the United States’ East and West Coasts.