Celebrating Over 500 Diners Club Airport Lounges


In December of 2013, Diners Club International® reached a significant milestone, now offering access to over 500 airport lounges around the world for our Diners Clubmembers.

Since the 1980s, clubmembers have enjoyed an exclusive benefit which makes the Diners Club experience unique from what any other credit card could offer – access to a large global network of airport lounges, regardless of card status. What has made this benefit even more distinct is that no additional document is needed to access these lounges – the very card was a “key” clubmembers used to open a door into the enclaves of privacy and calm hidden within an airport’s hectic hustle and bustle. To make this perk even sweeter, the majority of Diners Club franchises sponsor the entire cost of the benefit, making airport lounge access also free for their clubmembers.

With world travel on the rise, the airport lounge feature remains a Diners Club core benefit, playing an increasingly important role in enriching and redefining our clubmembers’ travel experience and, ultimately, bringing additional loyalty to our brand. Diners Club is constantly looking for opportunities to add lounges at key airports around the world. Our current network covers 100 countries and 312 cities around the globe and continues to grow.

Lounge Amenities and Top Lounges
Airport lounge amenities vary by city and may include free WiFi, food and beverages for purchase, shower stations and access to television. Most importantly, they offer Diners Clubmembers a unique opportunity to ease their travel experience, feel special and have another compelling reason to belong to the Club.

The recently opened Star Alliance Airport Lounge in Buenos Aires is just one example of this expansion effort. This new lounge is open 24 hours per day, offers shower facilities, comfortable seating, views of the nearby mountain, a VIP conference room and provides exceptional personalized service, with a variety of complimentary hot and cold foods and beverages to top it all off.

In 2013 alone, airport lounge usage surpassed 450,000 visits to over 512 lounges. Among the most frequently used lounges within the Diners Club network are the “Oryx” Lounge in Doha, Qatar, the Smiles VIP Lounge in Sao Paolo, Brazil and the Service Air Lounge No. 26 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The Key to Elevate Your Travel Experience
Even with increased usage and the tremendous growth of the Diners Club airport lounge global network, the simplicity of entrance to airport lounges remains the same: a Diners Club card is the only “key” required to enter the door that elevates a clubmember’s travel experience to the next level.