Inspire Action and Accelerate Growth in Diners Club Americas

The Diners Club International® Americas Region franchises meet once a year to discuss new ideas, share experiences and learn best practices and winning strategies. This year, our Americas Regional Conference took place in Quito, Ecuador, from March 23-25, 2014. We were joined by senior executives from franchises in the region, as well as senior executives from Diners Club and Discover Financial Services. The level of participation from everyone, their enthusiasm, and shared objective to grow and improve made this meeting one of the best we have had yet.


The Diners Club Americas Region team at the Convento de San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador

I would like to highlight two critical ingredients that made this event very unique and relevant. One that really impressed me and all participants was how welcoming and willing Diners Club Ecuador (the host franchise) was to share their knowledge. Also, the workshop format used in the first day was truly innovative and effective in transmitting Diners Club Ecuador’s best practices and winning strategies. We really need that kind of energy in the region and hope the other franchises had an opportunity to see what success looks like.

The conference was a great forum to foster deeper relationships and strengthen each franchise. Moreover, the Americas Regional Conference served as a platform to identify synergies and common opportunities among the franchises, leading to ongoing meetings and discussions throughout the year. The power of the club is one of our key competitive advantage and our franchises in the Americas are capturing its value!