Chef Narisawa’s Secret Ingredient


With his eponymous restaurant Narisawa ranked No. 1 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013 and coming in at No. 2 on the list in 2014, Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa has crafted the perfect culinary glue that binds nature and people together in food-loving harmony. Paired with his thoughtful selection of ingredients, he has developed a unique and eclectic approach to dining.

There are few chefs who can recreate nature’s serenity within a fast-paced urban environment like Tokyo and the chaotic walls of a world-class kitchen. But Narisawa has managed to capture the best of what nature has to offer, while at the same time arousing the senses with every bite.

One particular recipe showcases the brilliance and innovative approach of this chef as he takes us through the journey to create a soup whose key ingredient is truly connected to the earth. View our video to find out just what this ingredient is and experience Chef Narisawa’s philosophy on food: