A Journey to Peru: The Best Restaurant in Latin America


The low hum of chatter from fine diners lofts high above the soft lighting and easy-going ambience found within the walls of this iconic restaurant, voted No. 1 in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013. Owner and celebrity chef Gastón Acurio and his wife, Astrid, have been cooking up brilliant Peruvian dishes together at Astrid y Gastón for two decades.

From the menu to the plating, every detail is thought through, every pinch of spice added purposefully to create dishes that transport diners on a multi-course journey through Peru. An ode to his homeland, Acurio incorporates traditional ingredients found deep within the countryside or from the seashores of Peru and pairs them with global offerings to create dishes like mango ceviche. Fresh fish, herbs and produce are brought to life and reflect Acurio’s mastery of the local flavors and his appreciation for the farmers who inspire them.

Get a Diners Club International behind-the-scenes look at the beautiful love story of Astrid and Gastón, their kitchen and the inspiration behind their food.

Insider Tip: View the video to the end to get a glimpse of Astrid y Gastón’s new yet historically-significant location, Casa Moreyra:


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