4 Leading Chefs Predict 2015 Food And Dining Trends

fermentation peru street food

When it comes to gastronomy, there is truly never a dull moment. The ingredients and techniques du jour are constantly shifting. Take 2014 food and dining trends, for example. In the United States, several high-profile publications heralded the return of butter, and diners around the world increasingly sought local and gluten-free items while—coincidentally—the hybrid dessert trend continued to gain steam.

So what will 2015 bring? We asked four leading chefs from around the world—all of whom head up restaurants that are part of the Diners Club® Privileges Dining Collection—to tell us their predictions for the ingredients, techniques and dining experiences that will gain popularity in 2015.

The Participants:

Chef Andreas Caminada Chef Andreas Caminada
Schauenstein Schloss Restaurant Hotel
Fürstenau, Switzerland

Chef Sven Elverfeld Chef Sven Elverfeld
Wolfsburg, Germany

Chef Benoit Violier Chef Benoît Violier
Restaurant de L’Hôtel de Ville Crissier
Crissier, Switzerland
Chef Henrik Yde Chef Henrik Yde
Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin
Bangkok, Thailand

The Predictions:

1. A fermentation frenzy

Both Chef Caminada of Schauenstein Schloss and Chef Yde of Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin named this ancient food processing technique as one that they predict will be used increasingly in 2015. Chef Caminada notes that this “very old technique,” used in staples such as sauerkraut, is already becoming “very trendy.” Chef Caminada says the fact that fermentation is a natural, “pure” process is part of the appeal, as are the health benefits (the probiotics from fermented foods are known to have a variety of positive effects on health).

Chef Yde and his team are so devoted to this resurging technique, in fact, that he recently released a cookbook called Dead and Fermented. “The richness that fermented fish gives to any dish is the key to cooking great Asian food,” Chef Yde says. “The flavors from fish or oyster sauce, dried scallops and squid, will be seen as ‘depth enhancers’ to dishes made even far away from their Asian home turf.”

2. Peru = “The culinary hot spot of the world”

Chef Caminada thinks this South American country—whose capital city, Lima, was the host of the past two Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards – will continue to lead the global food scene in 2015. He credits Peru’s “natural produce and the engaging creative of kitchens like the one of Virgilio Martinez,” for its prominence.

3. Fine-dining without the fuss

Chef Elverfeld of Aqua predicts an uptick in what he calls “urban style” restaurants that offer haute cuisine within a casual environment. “These restaurants will bring young people closer to good food,” he says. “It takes away the fear of going to a high-class restaurant when it does not look like a regular fine-dining restaurant.”

4. Local, healthy food from the source

Chef Violier of Restaurant de L’Hôtel de Ville Crissier predicts that the whole foods, locally-sourced movement will continue through 2015. “A few years ago, molecular cuisine was at the top of its popularity,” he says. “Nowadays, we have observed a tendency towards the opposite. Our clientele now wishes to go back to a genuine cuisine centered on the product, preferably of local origin.”

5. Street food

In addition to the proliferation of fermented and dried fish sauces, Chef Yde thinks the “street food” concept will continue to spread outside of its Asian origins in 2015. “The markets seen in places like Singapore show that good, clean, inexpensive food for everyday is possible,” he says. Chef Benoît Violier agrees that the fat- and salt-laden street food of yore is on the outs and that the health-focused, “real food” trend will apply even on the street in 2015. The Diners Club Nordic franchise was ahead of the game, then, when it launched a month-long “Street Food by Diners Club” promotion last September, recruiting top Nordic chefs to cook and serve elevated lunch-hour menus via food truck.

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